All original art. Collage on wood and canvas. Image transfer, paper, paint, marker and recycled paper. All of the images were taken by myself in Ottawa Ontario. I layer al sorts of paper, paint and marker until i achieve the desired look. Part of the fun is exploring urban areas to inspire my city art.

Collage on wood. Ottawa Houses – Sky Blue, 9"x12"

Collage on Canvas, The Book House 14”x14”

Collage on Canvas, Urban Home 12”x12”

Collage on canvas, Lime with purple house, 12"x12"

Collage on Wood,

Collage on Wood, Vintage Look 9”x12”

Collage on wood, The Blue Roof 5”x7”

Mixed media on canvas,image transfer, Ottawa Coffee,10"x10"

Collage on wood,image transfer, Glebe Red Door, 10"x10"

Collage on canvas, image transfer,
Glebe Shop Local, 10"x10"

Collage on Wood, Cycle, 9"x12"

Collage on wood, Glebe Vintage, 8"x10"

Collage on wood, Glebe Vintage Teal, 10"x10"

Collage on Wood, image transfer 6"x6"

Collage on wood, image transfer, Glebe Storefronts 6"x6"

Collage on wood, image transfer, Go Beyond, 10"x10"

Mixed media on wood block finished on all sides, not a wall hanging, Grey Roof, 4"x5"

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