Tundra Moss, acrylic on canvas, 18"x24"

The Element of Surprise 24"x48

World Traveler 12"x36"

On the Clock 24"x36"

Yellow and Grey, acrylic on canvas, 15"x30"
$250.00 CAN

The Sound of Green, acrylic on canvas, 18"x24"

In the Moment 20"x20"

Not Everything Has an Equation 40"x60"

The Law of Attraction 15"x30"

I Have so Many Stories to Tell You 20"x20"

It Started with a Simple Idea 30"x40"

Today is the Day 24"x36"

Starting Over 20"x20"

Unrestrained Emotion 30"x40"


Lime Burst, acrylic on canvas, 36" x48"

The Secret 14"x14"

Hint of Bronze 24" x 36"